Twitter has become the new hype man for a series of disagreements and controversies between celebrities.  From the trending topics of Jackie Chan and Eddie Murphy’s deaths to full blown confrontations, Twitter has become the place for it all.  From big time names like P. Diddy, 50 cent, Lindsey Lohan and many more the Twitter feuds have been the topic of discussion. The most recent controversy on Twitter happened between the singer Ray J and rapper Fabolous.  Supposedly as stated by Ray J, Fabolous and he got into a physical confrontation.  This whole thing blew up in a matter of 24 hours all thanks to Twitter.

Another celebrity who has fallen victim to Twitter is the rapper Drake. Recently one of the biggest trending topics on twitter was #drakecrieswhen.  Apparently many fans have found the artist’s tweets too sensitive and emotional. Teen tweeters are some the harshest critics out there. Twitter has become such a huge phenomenon in our generation that now a day you do not even need to grab the newspaper to get informed on the news, within a matter of seconds anything big that happens in the world ends up on Twitter.

By Chantel Morel


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