Music Unites Latin America

The Puerto Rican alternative duo Calle 13 released the video for their song “Latinoamerica” recently. The video is made up of excerpts of their documentary called “Sin Mapa,” filmed in a few countries of Latin America: Peru, Colombia and Puerto Rico. The video showcases not only the diversity among Latin American countries but also the importance of being united at the same time. It also features Susana Baca, Totó la Momposina and María Rita who accompany lead singer Residente in the vocals of the song.

The video has generated a lot of buzz on the web because of its symbolical importance for the region. Many argue the video invites Latin American countries to come together as one. It has already passed the two millions views on YouTube in only two weeks; even Ricky Martin and Shakira recommended the video through their Twitter accounts! The song was also nominated recently for a Latin Grammy Award for Best Song so it is worth listening to and watching.

Calle 13 is known for giving a voice to the poor people of Latin America by denouncing political and social injustices. Residente is definitely a controversial rapper and he goes a little too far sometimes but this video not only shows how beautiful our countries are separately, but also how much stronger we could be if we were united.

By Cristina Nadal


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