The Grinch of Halloween

I hate Halloween. I can’t help it. I have never liked it and probably never will. Of all “holidays,” if we can even call it that, Halloween is the one I dread the most. I really wish it didn’t exist, and honestly, I really don’t know why. Even when I was a young girl, I really didn’t care about Halloween. Maybe it was because I lived in a neighborhood where people didn’t usually go out and trick or treat. But even when I went to my friends’ houses, dressed up, and went looking for some good candy, I still didn’t enjoy it as much as they did.

Dressing up as something else doesn’t seem appealing to me. Maybe I am too shy or it’s simply a matter of not seeing a point in spending a lot of money in a costume that I will probably use only once. But, yet, I still do it.

I dress up. I go out. I have fun. I do what every other normal person does on Halloween. Why is that? Maybe I am too easily persuaded to do it. Or maybe, deep down, I have some amount of love for it….No, not really. I still hate it.

By Cristina Nadal


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