The Last…

Every year during October students at SU begin to get friendly reminders from their respective colleges about registration for the spring semester.  For those who are having a bad semester, it’s reassuring.  This semester is coming to an end and it gives them something to look forward to.  A brand new semester that will hopefully be a lot better.  For the rest it’s just a pain in the butt because it means that you have to make an appointment to meet with your advisor, decide what classes you have to take and hope you get a good appointment date so your classes aren’t full by the time you get to register.  It’s the same routine every semester.

Except this semester.  This semester I’m a senior.  Which means that I will be registering for classes for the last time!  And this is just the beginning of the lasts.  In a few days it will be my last Halloween ( it will never be the same after college), last winter break, last first day of classes, and so on.  Before I know it will be the last day of class, and graduation will just be a week or two away.

Of course this terrified me and I went from being in denial to freaking out at the thought of all of this, but then I realized, its only October.  Even though I want time to slow down I have a lot to look forward to before graduation and I still have time to do all the stuff I want to do before I graduate.  So far I’ve made new friends, finally went to a football game, spent hours dancing to Avicii and B.O.B, laughed my ass off with Demetri Martin, been stepped on and pushed at Chuck’s, crawled through 15 bars in downtown to be cheated out of a free t-shirt, and much more, in just a little bit more than a month and a half.  So instead of taking this email as a warning that our time is up we should take it as a reminder to get off our couches and enjoy senior year to the fullest, so that when the time does come to put on that toga in sit in the dome for hours, with our families proudly staring at us, we can sit there, not with regrets but great memories.

By Maria Sanfeliu




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