Usher Bachateando

Heard Usher’s newest song? If you haven’t it’s not what you would expect at all.  In his new single “Promise” the singer teams up with Romeo Santos from Aventura and yeah….he sings bachata. While I found this collaboration totally random, very unexpected and disappointing when I first heard it (I’m not the biggest fan of bachata) I have to say he actually got  me to listen to the whole song, something that I can’t usually do when it comes to this type of music.  Si, I guess I have to give this odd couple props.  And hey, if Usher is bored with R&B and wants to move over to Latin Music, be my guest, as long as he tries other styles like salsa, merengue or even reggaeton (or musica urbana, whatever they call it these days).

Oh yeah and here is the video in case you want to check it out.  Not bad but now that I know Usher can sing bachata I kinda want to know if he can dance to it? He probably can and just didn’t want to steal Rome’s thunder.

By Maria Sanfeliu


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