Crazy Weather

We all know the weather in Syracuse is weird. It was pretty much the first thing we were told Senior year of high school when we expressed interest in coming here, and the first thing people ask about when we well them we go here. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who is tired of hearing the question “So how do you like the snow?” Well I deal with it. I have to. But apart from the insane amounts of snow we get, people outside of Syracuse never seem to talk about all the other crazy weather we experience here. Yes, I have had snow up to my knees and seen clear quad turn into a winter wonderland in les than half an hour, but I have also been caught in a hail/thunder storm just to see the sun shining 20 minutes later, seen streets so flooded that people can kayak in them (and I have pictures to prove it), been so cold that I lose all the feeling in my legs, ears, nose, etc., and gotten a tan just by walking around campus between classes.

And although I have seen these and other bizarre things, like snow in May, I have to say this past October was the weirdest month in all my time in Syracuse. First there was summer weather right in the middle of October. This is not something I was complaining about. Being Puerto Rican, I enjoy being in the sun more than I probably should. So when I saw that it was finally sunny and 80 degrees again, for what I thought would be the last time until March or April, I tried to enjoy it as much as I could. I found a spot on the quad facing the sun directly and laid there for over an hour so that I ended up with something resembling a tan. At any other moment I would have been disappointed, but the fact that I was able to tan even a little bit in October seemed like a miracle. But just as soon as they came, the warmth and sunshine disappeared again, leaving us with usual cold and rainy fall weather. They even brought a few snow flurries, just in time for us to freeze on Halloween. And if all of this wasn’t weird enough we are being welcomed by a relatively warm, and once again sunny November?

What does this all mean? Are we experiencing abnormal global climate change weather or just normal crazy Syracuse weather? And what does this mean for the winter? Will we go back home to tell everybody the stories of the ridiculous amounts of snow we got this year? How we thought we had gotten lucky by avoiding the first winter storm to hit the northeast this season just to be buried in more that 5’2 feet of snow so that it covered us (well, at least me) from head to toes once we walked out the front door and were not found until the snow melted. Will we tell them how it was so cold no North Face, Uggs, or Starbuck’s coffee could protect us from getting hypothermia? Or will we go back with smiles on our faces because Mother nature decided to give us an early graduation present by making this year the warmest and nicest since we’ve been here, with hardly any snow, if any and more than just 63 sunny days a year. I guess we will just have to wait, hopefully a few more weeks, and find out.

By Maria Sanfeliu


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