Slutty Vegetables!

I’ve always seen interesting costumes when it comes to Halloween in Syracuse University.  Every year I look forward to Halloween weekend just because it’s hilarious to see girls freeze their asses off!  The colder it gets, the less clothes girls put on.  In some weird way, it makes perfect sense in a girl’s mind.

Usually one can dress up as anything and add “slutty” in front of it and it becomes a new creative, sexy and erotic costume. Like “slutty penguin” or “slutty horseback rider.” Throughout the years, I’ve seen imaginative costumes like a slutty Wendy’s Character, wearing a braided red wig and freckles. A slutty mammoth, which was very interesting seeing how well she handled her long teeth. But it wasn’t until this year that I saw a slutty vegetable!

But how on earth did these two college students, musical theater majors, think of sexy asparagus and slutty onion?!  It was just amusing, and the creativity and effort they put into their costumes was incredible- they actually pulled it off.  The onion had a white, layered shirt with a white purple-ish mini skirt with glitter in her hair.  And on her arms she wore white paper scraps as peels.  The asparagus dressed in green, dyed her hair dark green, also with glitter, and combed it upwards creating the illusion of the tip of the vegetable.  Halloween is so much fun, I’m always eager to see what people will dress up as, but from now on, I’m benchmarking these two exceptional costumes. So ladies of Syracuse, you’ve got to kick it up a notch next year!

By Ricardo Marti


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