Still One Kardashian Left on the Market

As many college students and Kardashian obsessed teens would know, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, a New Jersey Nets NBA player, were married within the past season. She seemed to follow in her younger sister Khloe’s footsteps, because they both have the same track record of becoming engaged without knowing their partner for even a year! Shockingly, Kim swore that she would never date for a while after dating both Miles Austin and Reggie Bush, but boy, did she recover fast when meeting this new all-star! Even though the two love birds had been dating for a mere year and a half, their marriage was a world wide phenomenon. It was shown on both VH1 and MTV, as well as re-runs for all of the Kardashian lovers to see.

It’s interesting that the Kardashians seem to fall in love so quickly and be blessed with some type of power that makes their “so called short” relationships last so long. Sorry Kim, you just couldn’t keep up with the trend your sisters have had. The so called” in love” couple was only “happily” married for only 72 days before Kim filed for a divorce.

Many distraught fans are depressed over the ending of such a beautiful marriage, but now Kim is back on the market and looking for a new man to woo her over! Speaking of crazed fans, this link provides photos of a few of them outside of the Dash store in Soho, mourning the ended marriage of the two ex-lovers.

By Cara Samantha Otten


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