10 Ways College StudentsSpend their Money

It seems like in Syracuse University many students spend their money rapidly, and then the next week have no idea what they actually spent it on. This seems like a common thing whether it’s spent drunkenly or having sober collaterals add up on that little piece of plastic that we call a credit card. It just so easy to swipe it through the machine, but one day after another, POOF, your money begins to disappear right before your eyes. So here we are giving you college students a top ten check list on what you most likely sober and drunkenly spend your money on.

1.)  Drunk Munchies- Probably the worst way to spend your money. This is when you don’t know or care how much you are buying, as long as it some how ends up in your stomach, and not on your shirt. Beware of this, because this can turn into a weekly habit, and that’s when you truly think, “Oh god, where did that ten go?”

2.)  Drinks at the Bar- And boy do we know it. Whether you’re a boy impressing the girls buying them a round of shots or a girl buying a fruity mixed drink this sure does add up. Boys keep buying those shots for your ladies but keep in mind that every dollar you spend on her doesn’t usually make you “get it in” in the end.

3.)  Dinner on Marshall- Whether you are catching up with old friends or meeting with new, this is another way where your money goes from your pocket right to the cash register. Even though the food may not be gourmet at the dining hall, try to eat dinner with friends there more often to save an extra buck or two.

4.)  Costumes for parties- Those costume parties sure are killers aren’t they? You think you will just be buying a little fabric for a costume? No. It always ends up as a huge expense and for what? A skimpy little outfit that ends up ruined by the end of the night. Is it really worth the extra dollar?

5.)  Alchohol- We all know that mostly every weekend we spend endless amounts of money on bottles and beer to drink away our sorrows and stressful weekday lives. This is a huge expense for the broke college student that really seems to break the bank, and fast!

6.)  Hungover Breakfast the Next Morning- You may think its’s a harmless way to begin the day, but every hungover breakfast leads to another empty pocket. Try to cut down on these to about once a month to keep your wallet full.

7.)  Lunch Before Class- It may be easier just to grab a quick sandwich before class in order to save time, but keep in mind that it is not saving you money. Maybe eating in the dining hall alone isn’t as bad as you think.

8.)  Chasers- That’s right, you can’t buy your alcohol without your chasers. It’s basically an unspoken package deal.

9.)  Insomina – Yes, those few cookies that you think are only costing you between $1.25 and $2.50 are adding up real fast.

10.) Tanning- Being dark and beautiful all-year-round is something that some people can’t live without. We should remember that we are in below zero Syracuse and not one hundred degree California. But hey, to save money, maybe being white and matching the snow isn’t that bad after all!

Now that you are aware of these little things, you should think twice before swiping your piece of plastic through the machine one too many times. Every dollar you spend here is just more you will have to pay back in loans later.

By Cara Samantha Otten


One response to “10 Ways College StudentsSpend their Money

  1. Don’t forget coffee! There are so many of us that get that $2 cup every single day, costing up to $10 a week. It’s ridiculous how much I spend when I need a pick-a-up. And if you want a drink that’s more fancy, like a starbucks holiday peppermint deliciousness, it can cost $4 for just a size tall. Yikes.

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