Merry Finals Week!

Well it’s finally here, December, and while the rest of the world is anxiously preparing for the holiday season, college students are preparing for the mother of hell weeks.  That one week that laughs at midterm week.  One week that has everyone wishing they paid more attention during the semester.  That one week that just doesn’t seem to end.  That’s right, finals week, and it’s approaching fast, catching us almost off guard with only two weeks to prepare after a long and well deserved Thanksgiving break.

But instead of having holiday spirit sucked out and crushed by the fear of finals I say we embrace it.  Why should everyone else get to have all the fun getting ready for Christmas and not us? So this year enjoy the snow-less weather were having, get some fresh air and put up some lights to get everyone else in the spirit.  Instead of procrastinating on Facebook, get up bake some gingerbread cookies to eat while you study.  I’m sure they will make the all-nighter a less miserable.  If you’re like me and still making time to go out during the weekend, why not have some eggnog for pregame?

Good luck on finals, and don’t forget to play holiday music as your cramming the night before the exam.

By Maria Sanfeliu


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