Social Networking

While the majority of us undergraduate students are rambling to land a last-minute internship for the summer, many of us are forgetting one critical aspect: your social networks. Yeah yeah yeah, you’ve heard it all before… but have you learned how to use social networks to leverage your applications? Regardless of the industry you plan on working in, you may be missing out by simply not including your social media sites. And no, I am not talking about a simple LinkedIn profile, make your Twitter public, publicize your resume, get your name out there! It might be intimidating at first, but the rewards will definitely be worth it.

As college students we tend to limit our social networks to simply socialize with our friends and family. What if these sites can actually land you a dream internship? Here are a few tips to get your name out there and open the door to a world filled of opportunities:

▪   Keep your profiles public – Employers will never befriend you on Twitter or Facebook. However, if you allow your sites to be seen you are creating the opportunity to demonstrate your skills to a potential employer.

▪   Censor your posts – Yes, I know this isn’t the easiest of tasks given that sites like Twitter and Facebook allow you to publicize nearly anything and everything that comes to mind. However, a simple spell check will take you a long way!

▪   Network! – Any genuine relationship takes time to grow. Don’t be afraid to converse with potential employers and develop meaningful relationships. Remember, it’s not about what you know but rather who you know.

▪   Be yourself – Don’t feel the need to restrict yourself just in case you are being watched. Employers want to get to know you!

By Ismelda De Leon


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