And the Oscar Goes to…

With the 84th  Annual Academy Awards coming up next Sunday the Los Angeles Times published an article called Oscar Voters Overwhelmingly White Male, which pretty much explains why during every year’s ceremony many viewers are not only disappointed by the winners but a lot of times have never even heard of or watched the movie.  According to this article the Academy is made up of more than 5,000 voters who are or have been members of the film industry as actors, writers, etc. But most of the members are Caucasian males with a median age of 62.

But knowing that there is almost no representation from women, people under the age of 50 and races other that white, it makes sense why the past awards have been kind of disappointing, seeing as the members of the academy can’t really relate to their audience who is obviously way more diverse.

As the article states, that could be why the King’s Speech won the Award for Best Movie last year.  Not that is wasn’t a good movie, but maybe if the voters were younger the Social Network, which a lot of people seemed to favor, could have won.

It also points out that only one woman, Kathryn Bigelow, the director of the Hurt Locker, has ever won the award for Best Director.  And not surprise there, this year there are no women nominated for this category.

And it makes you wonder, is this really fair? Are these movies and actors really being voted on for their merits or for the personal preferences of an elite group who all share the same opinions?

Click on the Picture above to make your own preditctions.

By Maria Sanfeliu


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