Calling all Sweet Lovers!

Talking about convenience! The Los Angeles bakery Sprinkles cupcake is planning to install the first cupcake ATM machine in the world! You know that feeling late in the night when you’re just craving for a sugary treat? Well this cupcake ATM will save you because it will be open 24-hours and dispense freshly baked cupcakes. I repeat freshly baked cupcakes! The machine will be attached to the bakery and they’ll constantly be restocking it.

Although it will open in Beverly Hills, Easterners will not miss out on this oh so devilish contraption! The luxurious bakery said they plan to open the cupcake ATM in the Big Apple by this summer. If you’re anything like me, I don’t scrimp when it comes to desserts. Especially when it comes to freshly baked ones. I think this might be ingenuity at its finest! But tell me, would you buy cupcakes from an ATM?

By Kate Cheung


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