“I’m Puerto Rican, and I Don’t Sell Drugs”

After just two episodes ABC was forced to cancel its newest sitcom “Work it”.  But instead of asking why it was canceled, most people are wondering why was it ever aired? The show was about two men who dress as women in order to get jobs.  It’s one thing to watch two hours of men doing poor interpretations of women in movies like Big Momma’s House or White chicks, but an entire series? And it wasn’t even the fact that the women in the show would have to be stupid to actually buy that they were also women, but it was overacted and insulting, not only to women but to other cultures.  Luckily it was canceled before they could insult a lot of people, but in just the second episode the show managed to cause a controversy when one of the characters said that he would be good at selling drugs because he was Puerto Rican.  Seriously, what writer thought it would be ok to write that on a script?

In response to this the Puerto Rican Alliance for Awareness in Chicago posted a video on YouTube, showing real Puerto Ricans stating their name, what they do, and the phrase “I’m Puerto Rican and I don’t sell drugs”.  The video is simple, but gets the message across.  And even though the video was intended to not only respond to this stereotype but to show the United States and the world a different side, the real side of Puerto Ricans, a side that is usually not represented in the media, it also sends out a positive message to other Puerto Ricans.



By Maria Sanfeliu


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