Dance with the Star Workshops

Do you want to experience the original, the Cuban, the heart and soul of Salsa? Look no further! La Familia de la Salsa is proud to bring the RUMBA QUEEN OF CUBA and World-Champion Dancer, Ms. Ana Llorente, to Syracuse.

These workshops will explore the musicality, style and technique of AUTHENTIC CUBAN DANCE. And are open to all levels of dance: For all Salsa dancers, cultural dancers, technical dancers, as well as the dance-fitness enthusiast that just wants to learn where their Zumba originated!
Below are two videos of the world renowned Queen of Rumba dancing. Go on and register! These workshops may change your dancing forever!



By Kate Cheung


One response to “Dance with the Star Workshops

  1. Wow, she’s amazing. I’m looking forward to her arrival.

    -Marytere Acosta Guillon

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