The Latino Vote Helps Obama Win Re-election

        In one of the most important presidential elections of recent memory, Barack Obama once again won the Presidency with much help from the Latino vote.  As of 2011, Latinos compromise 16.7% of the population and are on pace to become the largest “minority” group in the nation.
         The distribution of the Latino vote was 71% for Obama while 27% voted for Romney. Republic strategist constantly informed the GOP that if they didn’t gain 30 % or more votes from the Latino population, they would surely lose the election.  Mitt Romney made key mistakes during his campaign that might simply lost him the vote. He often referred to Latinos as “Hispanics” and also made a pathetic attempt to connect to the population by repeating how his father was born on Mexican soil. But rather more disheartening was Romney’s “joke” stating that if he were a Latino, he would have a better chance of winning the Presidency.
            More interestingly was how the genders within the Latino population had voted. According to the demographics released by CNN, Latino men voted 58-40 Obama while the women voted an astounding 61-38 Obama.
            In Texas, the Latino population voted in Republican Ted Cruz as Senator. This is the third time in our country’s history that a Latino has been voted into Senate.
            It is becoming more evident that the key to wining any major election is to connect with the Latino “minority” as our voices are starting to be heard.
Misaell Josued Cabral

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