NY Giant Victor Cruz visits family of 6-year-old Sandy Hook shooting victim that was buried in his jersey.

The trail of loss after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that took place on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, was tragic. Twenty-six lives taken too early, twenty of those lives no older than ten years old. With the Nation in mourning, we look to the memories of them for comfort.


One touching story in particular is the story of six-year-old Jack Pinto. Jack, a New York Giants fan, who adored Victor Cruz, was buried on Monday, December 17 in a No. 80 jersey. It wasn’t long before Cruz heard about Jack on Twitter and felt compelled to act. The next day, Cruz went to visit the Pinto family where he spoke with them about Jacks life and met with a group of kids outside the house, throwing around a football. “It reminded me just how short life can be, how much you have to cherish every moment, how much you have to cherish every opportunity, every chance you get with your family. Never take anything for granted because just a day at school can change all that,” said Cruz.


The visit to Jacks family not only made a difference for them, but made a difference for Cruz as well.  Cruz honored Jack on last Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons by writing Jack’s name on his cleats and gloves referring to Jack as “my hero” and scribbling “this one is 4 U!” Cruz later tweeted: Much love to the entire Pinto family. Great people with huge hearts. I’m sorry again for your loss. Looking at life through a different lens.” Giants coach Tom Coughlin as well as Cruz’s teammates are proud of Cruz for visiting the Pintos in Newtown and helping the family grieve over their loved one.


May Jack Pinto and the other twenty-five victims rest in peace.


 Gabrielle Aviles


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