6 Ways To Cope With Last Nights Loss

With the upset of our beautiful Syracuse University losing to University of Michigan last night in Atlanta, we would like to help our fellow peers heal those open wounds.


6 ways to cope with last night’s loss:

  1. Cry-It’s okay to cry. We made it to the Final Four and then watched our players give up on our hopes and dreams. Don’t cry in front of people though. That’s just freaking awkward and you will be judged even though everyone wants to. However, if the boy to your left is crying, then by all means join in.
  2. Destroy anything Michigan- Real ‘Cuse fans wont have any Michigan apparel of course but if you have a yellow shirt, cut some holes in it, burn it, or tie it to your pillow and just punch it ‘til the pain stops. You can also use their picture from the paper as a dartboard for future hangouts (do people still do that?).
  3. Drink (responsibly of course)-Nothing helps numb the pain of such a heartache as the one we endured last night than a shot of whiskey. If your taste buds have not yet matured to handle whiskey, vodka helps too.
  4. Yell- Yelling relieves stress and well, it’s pretty fun. So if your poor little heart needs it, yell your butt off and throw something while you’re at it because being a fan is just as much hard work as being a player if ya ask me.
  5. Eat your feelings-You’re already fat from that freshman 15 you’ve gained and all that day drinking you did yesterday on Harrison, you might as well indulge in something that is going to make you feel at least a little better. Try ice cream or chocolate frosting. Seems to be what all those heartbroken girls eat.
  6. Remember it’s just a game- Haha, YEAH RIGHT IT IS JUST A GAME. Sorry, you’re just going to have to deal with being sad, just know that you are not alone. There is an entire Orange Nation out there with sad little hearts.


So follow these coping tips and try to stay sane. At least we made it to the Final Four, and that my friend is popping. Try and smile a little and remember to always be yourself. Unless you can be Orange, always be Orange. 


Gabrielle Aviles


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