Steve King on immigration: Why sacrifice GOP principles to have a conversation with Latinos?

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DES MOINES — Iowa Congressman Steve King on Friday criticized a Republican National Committee report aimed at turning around the party’s losing ways, describing its efforts at outreach to Latino voters as political opportunism.

“I think the party would have been significantly better off if that document had never been released,” King said during taping of Iowa Public Television’s “Iowa Press.”

King, who is weighing a U.S. Senate campaign, said the call in the March RNC report for comprehensive immigration reform is at odds with the GOP’s tradition for law and order.

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The report, put together as a response to the party’s defeat in the 2012 presidential campaign, blames Republican opposition to allowing illegal immigrants to remain in the country for its declining support among Latinos.

King, a staunch opponent to such a pathway, said bending on such a key principle as a…

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One response to “Steve King on immigration: Why sacrifice GOP principles to have a conversation with Latinos?

  1. The GOP does not exist any longer after the TEA-radical extremes took over this once proud party. What is missing here is Mexican-American input to this conundrum created by past presidents and congress. The “Gang of Eight” are white men who have not lived or adequately seen the real issues confronting this segment of our society. These eight have no inkling of the real issues as this has been around for over 70 years.
    Multiple generations have been generated back to before the west was part of America. It’s families of undocumented workers broken up by the onerous repercussion of past governmental excesses stemming from the “Bracero Program” over 70 years ago. By all means let’s pay attention to the words written and spoken by these Senators and Representatives who want to hold immigrants hostage over their status. Every Senator and Representative, no matter which party they call themselves by, will be noted in up-coming votes in Congress. The voting Hispanic/Latino bloc will make their views clearly and decisively in 2014, 2016 and 2018. The 2014 Mid-term is a-coming! Get registered and V.O.T.E.(Vote Out The Encumberances)

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