Twitter Beef


And God said “Let there be rachet”.

It seems to be that the traditional love for big booties has evolved into twerking and with that – traditional hip hop culture has evolved too. Hip Hop icons are becoming increasingly more vocal with little care for the repercussions.

Not long ago, we saw Teyanna Taylor and Rihanna entertain the Twitterverse as they went back and forth trying to insult each other. Everything from styles, sexual histories and even networths were mentioned.

Most recently, we saw Kanye West partake in an hour-long interview with BBC. After comparing himself to Vanellope Von Schweets and decoding Yeezus, Kanye claims to have put out the most honest piece of media in years. Jimmy Kimmel of course saw an opportunity to use West as the basis for a comedic spoof that Kanye didn’t take very likely. Not at all.

Although entertaining, the increased vocal interaction between mogul icons and the general public leads me to ask how exactly does this affect us? It is no secret that Generation Y has been the most exposed generation in history, but is it getting out of hand?

Only time will tell.

-Misaell Cabral


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