A Letter to Our Readers

Dear Readers,

It is with sincere humility that we accept your overwhelming commentary about our publication. We take every word and every concern from you very seriously. “La Voz” stands for “the voice” in Spanish and we like to think we are the voice of our community. With that said, we have decided to cease all distribution of this semester’s La Voz magazine based on your concerns. We want to make it clear that we definitely understand the strong emotions that most of you are having after reading our magazine. We admit we made a mistake in publishing this material and we humbly ask that you accept our sincerest apologies.

La Voz is a publication with a rich heritage. We are not just a part of La LUCHA, we are also a publication that strives to empower, educate and discuss topics that are relevant to the Latino community. La Voz works independently from La LUCHA and members of La LUCHA’s executive board first set their eyes on our issue at the same time our campus community did. Our shared goal is to empower and we all agree that is where we, no matter our intention, failed in the execution. We are a magazine that thrives to discuss topics that are both current and controversial in which most campus publications are reluctant to talk about. The lack of discussion of controversial topics within our community is what provoked our interest in publishing this issue.

Our current issue was not intended to offend. This issue was published for the sole purpose of educating and bringing to light the current culture of our generation. We are members of a generation of consumers that have given way to the subject at hand. By listening to the music, watching the television shows, dancing the dances and using the vocabulary, it is unarguable that thousands have led to the questionable turns popular culture has made; acts that lead to the concerns we all have regarding stereotypes and discrimination. We wanted to point out these concerns in a constructive way. Unfortunately, we failed to do so.

We wanted our current issue to spark a positive conversation on campus. We sought to give our readers a controversial subject and turn it on its head, thus letting you all question it’s repercussions. You have all done so, but to our surprise, this completed goal did not make us feel accomplished. Our intent was to add another layer of thought to our current culture that might help bring us closer together but instead we ended up being divisive. We hope you will all take part in the programs we have planned that will further discuss these topics in a more effective way. We cannot stress enough how apologetic we are and hope we can move on as a community with the help of dialogue, empathy and critical thinking.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to all interested in contributing to tackle stigmatized subjects in our next issues. We are always open to having more writers, bloggers, photographers, or simply anyone with ideas.


La Voz Magazine